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Our Standard VS Explicit Content Campaign Creation

We have been promoting videos on YouTube since 2007. Our first clients were mainly musicians and we mostly promoted music videos. As times evolved, our current customer base consists of video gamers, vloggers, story tellers, comedians, makeup gurus, cover singers, and professional musicians.

Since April 2017, YouTube, in a state of “Adpocolypse,” has been more stricter on type of videos that are allowed to be advertised. Any video that contains a single profanity, for example, can be demonetized and unable to be advertised.

Today we are forced to implement a new option for our advertised videos that may be deemed not family-friendly.

If your YouTube video contains:

  • A Profanity (Including song lyrics)
  • Sexual words and themes (Such as a sexually suggestive thumbnail)
  • Guns and weapons (Yes, including video games!)
  • Horror style atmosphere
  • Controversial subjects
  • Violence, even in jokingly nature

May only be advertised through our EXPLICIT CONTENT CAMPAIGN form.

Otherwise, if you know your content is “family-friendly,” then you may create a campaign at: CREATE A CAMPAIGN

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