Likeable Video

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the viewers reached?
We promote videos on a mix of different networks including Google and YouTube. We pick and advertise on specific placements to maximize interactions and build a loyal subscriber-base for our clients. YouTube counts all of the viewers we reach and classifies them as “Advertisement” in YouTube Analytics.

Are view amounts guaranteed?
Yes, total viewer reach set in the campaign is guaranteed.

What is Remarketing?
The best way to build loyalty is to remind your subscribers about your content. This is what Remarketing does. When you run a campaign with us, we “remarket” to your previously reached subscribers as well new viewers. They may come back and remember why they subscribed to you in the first place. Remarketing is activated on every campaign.

How long will it take for activation?
It may take up to 24 hours to start a campaign.

Why are “Active Subscribers” are important?
Gaining active subscribers is one the most important goals for a YouTube channel to grow. These subscribers are usually watching YouTube videos on a daily basis. They may notice your new uploads (view, interact, share). The more active subscribers we gain, the more views and interactions your future videos will gain.

Do comment / like goals include remarketed viewers?
Yes, overall comment goals include remarketed viewers.