Explicit Content

NOTE: This Campaign Creation area is designed for explicit material on YouTube. This allows videos to be promoted that portray violence (including shooter video gameplays), sexual themes, profanity, etc.

The total campaign price is automatically calculated based on your settings and is listed at the bottom of the form. Remarketing is included in every campaign. Campaigns will be activated within 24 hours and do not automatically renew when expired. Contact Us if you have questions.

Focus on Views & Engagements

Explicit content cannot be promoted the same way as “clean” family friendly content on YouTube. Explicit content can be promoted for much cheaper compared to our standard “clean” video prices. This campaign will still focus on engagements, but the views-to-engagement ratio will be much lower compared to our family-friendly advertised videos.

Campaigns will last 1-3 days.

We are not accepting new campaigns at this time. Current active campaigns are unaffected and should be running as they should.