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As of August 1st, 2018, Likeable.Video is now exclusively under Google Ads.

This caused a few major changes to its service including a wider reach and significantly lower prices. However, campaign interactions and engagement have dramatically fell for most clients. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands as our advertising network has changed. We are no longer able to effectively target the right audience that engages with content and remarket to old subscribers.

We used to charge $0.1299 per reached USA viewer vs only $0.025 today. You can still target the audience through keywords and gender, but with the Google integration we lost the ability to target only active YouTube viewers who tend to engage with content.

Please bear in mind these changes when running campaigns.

Videos (including music videos and video games) portraying sexual scenes, guns, violence, use of profanity, or any shocking content cannot be promoted through our advertising network. If your material falls outside of “Family-Friendly Content,” you must contact us for approval of your content.

The total campaign price is automatically calculated based on your settings and is listed at the bottom of the form. Remarketing is included in every campaign. Campaigns will be activated within 24 hours and do not automatically renew when expired. Contact Us if you have questions.

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