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Why People at Google Adwords are Hypocrites

As many of you know, Google Adwords is part of our video advertising network. For the past six months, it’s been extremely difficult for us to get many of our clients’ YouTube video campaigns approved by Adwords. We constantly get rejection notifications claiming “Shocking Content.” Yes, in some instances we have to agree. There is a trend, in hip-hop particularly, to point at the camera and squeeze air triggers. That is a big no-no for advertising publishers. However, 90% of the rejections are not “Shocking Content” at all, but harmless video gameplays, vlogs, and music videos.

We approached Google with a solution – allow hip-hop videos to be promoted on popular hip-hop related videos, allow Call of Duty gameplays to be promoted on popular Call of Duty videos, and so on. The response was a stern – “NO, THIS IS STILL SHOCKING CONTENT.”

This is where the hypocrisy comes in – Google allows certain brands to advertise their shocking content on videos which audience is completely inappropriate. For example, they allow alcoholic beverages to be advertised on channels aimed at children:

Google Adwords

Redd’s Alcoholic Drink is advertised on FGTEEV (Family/Children Channel)

In addition, you may have noticed new Flipagram ads, which had to be manually approved by Google Adwords, that feature young teen/preeteen children making lipsyncing dance videos to inappropriate songs such as this:

They even have an ad with “bitch” in it:



These Flipagram ads are HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE AND SHOULD BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY! Why does Google Adwords not consider this as shocking content?

Company News

Our Standard VS Explicit Content Campaign Creation

We have been promoting videos on YouTube since 2007. Our first clients were mainly musicians and we mostly promoted music videos. As times evolved, our current customer base consists of video gamers, vloggers, story tellers, comedians, makeup gurus, cover singers, and professional musicians.

Since April 2017, YouTube, in a state of “Adpocolypse,” has been more stricter on type of videos that are allowed to be advertised. Any video that contains a single profanity, for example, can be demonetized and unable to be advertised.

Today we are forced to implement a new option for our advertised videos that may be deemed not family-friendly.

If your YouTube video contains:

  • A Profanity (Including song lyrics)
  • Sexual words and themes (Such as a sexually suggestive thumbnail)
  • Guns and weapons (Yes, including video games!)
  • Horror style atmosphere
  • Controversial subjects
  • Violence, even in jokingly nature

May only be advertised through our EXPLICIT CONTENT CAMPAIGN form.

Otherwise, if you know your content is “family-friendly,” then you may create a campaign at: CREATE A CAMPAIGN


YouTube Axes Thousands of Dead Accounts

Get ready for the big ax to come down today from YouTube. If you’ve been on making videos on YouTube for a long time, chances are your YouTube subscriber count will be dropping today. This usually happens once a month when YouTube decides to get rid of dead accounts. Today, however, it seems more to be more drastic as they delete hundred of thousands dead accounts (if not millions.) Great day for Pewdiepie though…

Ariana Grande YouTube Subscriber Count

Ariana Grande YouTube Subscriber Count

The Ellen Show YouTube Subscriber Count

The Ellen Show YouTube Subscriber Count

Smosh YouTube Subscriber Count

Smosh YouTube Subscriber Count

WWE Fan Nation YouTube Subscriber Count

WWE Fan Nation YouTube Subscriber Count

Pewdiepie YouTube Subscriber Count

Pewdiepie YouTube Subscriber Count


YouTube Channel “No Content” Fix

YouTube - "This Channel Has No Content" Message

On March 2nd, 2016, YouTube has decided to change the way they do their channel layouts. Unfortunately, this is causing issues on “older” style layout channels by showing “This channel has no content” This seems to happen only on computers, as the mobile versions are just fine.

The fix:

Go to your channel page and click on the gear button on the right.


Click on “Customize the layout of your channel” and “Save”


And viola, all of your content is back on your channel! Now you can add sections for “Uploaded Videos” or your specific playlists.