NEW: Campaigns can now target specific regions, cities, and even zip codes for half the cost of our previous pricing model!

As of August 1st, 2018, Likeable.Video is now exclusively under Google Ads. This causes a few major changes to its service:

  • Significantly better reach for all campaigns including the ability to reach specific countries.
  • Significantly cheaper pricing for campaigns.
  • All campaigns will have to go through an extensive approval process. No inappropriate content such as of sexual themes, violence, or swear words.
  • Although our focus is to improve engagements, the new network is not as good at bringing engagements as the old one. Start small campaigns and see how they work out for your videos before creating larger ones.

Likeable.Video is a creative ad agency that distributes YouTube video advertisements across the web. Optimize your YouTube video promotion with precise targeting and focus on reaching active YouTube users who like, comment, subscribe, and share.

YouTube Audience

Target your audience based on keywords and geo location. Reach fans of Drake, Zoella, Markiplier, or any famous YouTuber.


“Remarket” to previously reached viewers and subscribers. Reach the audience that may have “forgotten” about your channel.