Likeable.Video - YouTube Video Promotion

Likeable.Video is a creative ad agency that distributes video advertisements across the web. We optimize our YouTube video promotion with precise targeting. Our goal is to reach an engaging audience for the YouTube videos that we promote. This means focusing on not just reaching random viewers who will never interact with the content, but reaching active YouTube users who may like, comment, subscribe, and share. In addition, we strive to gain active subscribers who will continue to watch and interact with our clients’ future videos as well.


YouTube Audience

Reached audience consists of USA YouTube users ages 16-30 which can be targeted by gender. Video viewers are reached by advertising. YouTube Analytics will show the reached viewers were brought through “Advertisement.” Campaigns are recommended for music (and lyric), comedy, entertainment, make-up, and vlog videos. Campaigns are not recommended for gaming videos with no commentaries and product sales pitch videos. Only clean videos may be used with our promotion – no nudity, excessive profanity, or any other inappropriate content.


YouTube is cluttered with content that people subscribe to. There is a limited amount of content that an average YouTuber can consume per day and it is extremely hard to compete for the viewer’s attention among the clutter. Some channels may have 10,000s of subscribers, but only a handful of interactions.

Our campaigns include remarketing to previously reached viewers and subscribers that viewed your videos before. With remarketing, you can reach that audience that may have “forgotten” about your channel. It is a great tool to help channels build a loyal subscriber base.

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